Western Sydney Boudoir Photography Studio

Provocative Fine Art Nude Photography!

Boudoir Photography Sydney has the complete idea and knowledge about the fashion universe. This is a Sydney and Penrith-based photography studio offering an ideal package that includes hair styling, makeup, along with exceptional photo shoots. When you hire our photography service, be sure of getting reliable support at competitive market rates. We also provide our customers the facility of asking for a free quote on our services in advance so that you can fix your budget.

Model Photography

Our photographer has experience of 15 long years thus possessing knowledge about work wear to underwear, head to toe and haute couture to the high street. Model photography is a delightful task for us. We can create amazing images that help in displaying the latest trends through the models not only for clothing but other products too. Our service is available at the competitive price with the highest quality results.

Boudoir Photography

In Boudoir photography we celebrate your beauty as a woman. Boudoir photo sessions are popular as a special gift to celebrate a wedding anniversary, or birthday gift for your spouse. Imagine his surprise when you give him a very sexy album all about you. It’s all about celebrating your sensuality by creating artworks that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Fashion Photography

Industry is all about images whether online retailer, design house or a store. Having worked with the leading and emerging brands in Penrith and Sydney, you can rely on us for your fashion photography project and expect high quality results. Our team of photographers takes enough time to discuss with our clients and reach to a final decision about what kind of images they require.

Fine art photography

This is an ideal way to capture human beauty in the most natural way. This is an ancient practice but in high demand in the recent times. We have fine art nude photography specialists with a unique talent for capturing versatile and candid images. Give us a call for your queries and engage our services for any kind of photography!

Bridal Boudoir photography

We will assist you one of the best Bridal Boudoir photography for your special occasion. Our work is original, creative, and acclaimed. We will work with you to prepare a stunning set of imagery for a deeply memorable and personal gift. Boudoir photography is an empowering celebration of your beauty and an excessively popular way to explore and share your sensuality.

Lingerie Photography

We master a much broader set of Lingerie photographic genres, involving striking, creative, and generally unconventional lighting techniques, exclusively resulting in imagery that is much more impactful, compelling, and personal. Connect with our professionals if you are looking for adorable Lingerie photography solutions.

Glamour Photography

Our glamour photography solutions are one of the best in the city. Each and every photo shoot is fully tailored for each customer to provide her with exactly the type of imagery she desires and to capture her true essence; we exclusively consider our pictures an “artistic collaboration” with our clients!

Couples Boudoir Photography

If you are looking for Couples Boudoir Photography, then you are at the right place. Our clients are surprised by how we are able to shoot their glamour, beauty, and personality. They are exclusively surprised by how enjoyable and fulfilling the photo shoot experience is, evolving with a new confidence and appreciation for their timeless sexuality and beauty.

Intimate Maternity Photography

Boudoir Photography Sydney can photograph mum-to-be and ‘the bump’ alone, with a companion or with older siblings and are able to offer a variety of styles. You can be photographed partially clothed or fully clothed or nude depending on what you feel comfortable with. For Intimate Maternity Photography services connect with our professionals.


Good quality photographs depend on good quality backdrops, professional lighting, good quality portrait lenses and high end professional cameras and above all you have to have the knowledge and experience to bring out the best state of the art professional studio with high end equipment.

We have a team of expert photographers who can take care of the entire photography session. Like in Boudoir photography we celebrate women, in male model photography, we portray the playful, rough and guys will full of attitude. It is time to look steamy hot and gift them to your partner. Make her go gaga for you all over again.